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There are many benefits to massage therapy both immediate and long term. These are not anecdotal. There is an entire college dedicated to massage & bodywork research—The Touch Research Institute at the Univ. of Miami Medical School.

2 S. Spring St. Concord, NH
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Here are just a few of the known benefits of massage therapy.

•    Increases oxygen flow in body
•    Improves immune function
•    Releases endorphins (good hormones) improving outlook and lessening depression
•    Helps detoxify body
•    Promotes faster recovery from injury and healing
•    Relieves headaches
•    Improves sleep patterns
•    Balances hormones
•    Enhances flexibility
•    Reduces stress, anxiety & tension
•    Increases circulation
•    Improves posture
•    Lessens joint stiffness
•    Improves joint range of motion
•    Lowers heart rate/blood pressure
•    Stimulates muscle tone
•    Reduces muscle spasms
•    Enhances pain management
•    Relieves mental & physical fatigue
•    Improved concentration
•    Promotes safe touch
•    Breaks up scar tissue
•    Softens connective tissue

In addition, many of the above benefits in turn help to reduce disease and the effects of aging.